Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day Weekend

I had a wonderful Mother's Day weekend!  On Saturday, I went to Chateau Elan(which is a beautiful hotel with a winery and spa) with my MOMS club friends.
the restaurant for our lucheon

 Every year the club puts on a luncheon for the ladies. We have a nice relaxing lunch, talk and each lady gets a letter from her husband. The letter tells why she is the best mom and wife. It is so sweet to read and really does brighten up your day and make you feel appreciated.

Me with my friend-also named Jennifer

After lunch I went to the Mall and did some shopping. It was nice to be out and about by myself. The girls had a great time with their Daddy while I was out.

Rachel and I before my party.

On Sunday morning, Rachel came in bright and early, to wish me a happy Mother's Day. She had made a cute gift for me at school and had wrapped up a box filled with stuffed animals to give me. Raphael made me a great breakfast and we went to church.  After church, we visited a park and had a picnic lunch and then the girls played.  It was a lovely day and I love my girls so much!

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