Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Mother's Day Weekend 2017

We had a busy weekend, filled with soccer, tennis and celebrating Mom :).

Saturday morning both of the girls had sporting events and at the same time, so
we divided and conquered. Raphael took Rebecca to soccer. It was her last game
of the season.
Meanwhile, Rachel and I were in DeKalb for a tennis match. She has been
playing on an ALTA team the past couple of months and Saturday was
the final game.  Rachel didn't make the final cut to play, but we went
to cheer on the team.
The tennis complex was huge! So many courts and lots of matches
going on. Our team did pretty well and we ended up with 2nd place.
Great group of girls!

Sunday we went to church and then home for lunch.  Church did a an amazing job of
celebrating all the moms. My parents came over for lunch and we just took
it easy for the day.
Raphael, the girls and my parents gave my so many great gifts.
All the ladies.

And a picture from the late 70s.
It was a good weekend. Thankful I was able to celebrate
with my Mom and thankful for my girls.

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