Thursday, May 4, 2017


Last week Raphael and I flew to Scottsdale Arizona. We left Atlanta like this
and arrived to Arizona like this .......................

Raphael had a work conference in Scottsdale and we have friends that
moved there a few years ago. We decided to make it into a little vacation.
We landed and got ready for dinner with a vendor that Raphael works with.
The time change from ATL to Scottsdale is 3 hours and it made for a long,
but fun day.
We stayed in the Plaza Resort. It was pretty and very nice.
We had a little duplex kind of room for the week.
While Raphael was at work, I suntanned, read a book, went running,
shopping, met a friend for lunch and a spa treatment and toured around town.

Old Town.
Lots of tourist shops, art galleries, sculptures and places to eat.

I had lunch at the Sugar Bowl. It is the cutest place. Lots of pink and really good ice cream.

An area they call the "waterfront". It was a big canal filled with brown water. But the area around it was filled with shops and restaurants. I just stopped by for a minute to take a look,

I went to Target . I love how all the stores have the Southwestern look,
I was able to spend some time with my friend Ashley. She and her family used to live in GA,
and we were all good friends. We were so sad when they moved a few years ago. It was fun
to meet up and spend time together. And we didn't take a single picture together !
Fruit trees in her backyard!!
We ate at this amazing restaurant,  Sumo Maya. It is Asian Latin food and so good.
The guacamole was incredible! Raphael and I ate there too.

Raphael was finished with his conference on Wednesday, so we took the next two days
to look around Arizona.

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