Saturday, November 19, 2016

Life Lately

We are officially out of school for the next week !! The girls have time off for Thanksgiving and I am looking forward to some slower days around the house. A few pictures of what we have been up to....
Rebecca has had a lot of activities going on at school. They had a dress up "like a pilgrim" day at school. This was the best we could do.  And they had a Thanksgiving feast party on Thursday.

We went to the mall to buy her shoes, but some how ended up in Build a Bear
and came home with The Grinch.  She loves The Grinch !!
Rebecca and her soccer team celebrated the end of the season with a little
party at  McDonalds. She had the best coaches this season and great
team mates. I already signed her up for the next soccer session in spring.
Rachel had a dentist checkup and then we were back the next day to
get a little cavity fixed. She is missing three adult teeth, so we will soon be
visiting the orthodontist to see what is the next step.
Fun with Snapchat filters .
We love the Starbucks red cups!!
We had been hearing all the hype about the Super Moon, so Rebecca
woke up with me and we went out to take a look.... looked like a
regular full moon to us. We were a little disappointed.
It has been unseasonably warm lately.

And that's about it.
We have a few things planned for this week and look forward
to celebrating Thanksgiving!

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