Saturday, July 11, 2015

Life Lately

Our days are going by fast and our summer is almost over! Just a few pictures of what we have been up to lately...................................
Rebecca put on a show for us with all her turtles.
The girls and I went to Chick-fil-A for lunch last week. While we were there, this older
man arrived, walked in with his cane and sat behind us.  Come to find out, Mr. Jim, eats at
Chick-fil-A everyday for lunch. The staff knows what he eats, and brings it over for him.
He seemed like the sweetest man. He spoke to everyone and told the same stories to
each person he spoke with. Made me smile.
Crape myrtles are in full bloom around here. I love them. I have never seen
one until we moved to Georgia.
My garden is growing like crazy. The tomato plants are taller than
I am.  I have been eating cucumbers, peppers, blueberries and cherry
 tomatoes. Lola keeps getting in the garden and eating all the
zucchini blossoms, so I only have one so far.
This made me laugh.
On July 5th we went to Stone Mountain to see the fireworks.
Rachel and I did the Sky Hike. It was my first time and it was scary.
Later we went to the top of the mountain.
pic from stone mountain website

The laser show was good, but the fireworks were amazing. Glad we took
the time to go and see them.
After Rachel's tennis camp finished, we went to Lake Lanier for the
afternoon. And we finally went paddle boarding!! It was something I have
wanted to do for a long time and was so fun. Rebecca sat on the front of my
board and Rachel had her own. We didn't tip over once. Can't wait to try it
again sometime.

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