Friday, May 15, 2015

Field Day 2015--First and Last

We had a super crazy, busy week. It is the second to last week of school and there are so many different events and activities going on, plus sports and church stuff too. Anyways, both the girls had field trips and field day this week.........
                                                              Rebecca and her friend Brianna
Rebecca's field day was on Monday and she was beyond excited. She has been going to see Rachel do field day for years, and it was finally Rebecca's turn.
            They played lots of water games, which the kids loved. Rebecca was soaking wet.
                      It was sunny and hot, so the kids were happy to play in the water.
Rebecca and her teacher, Mrs. Cusimano
Today was Rachel's last field day.
Rachel, Gabby and Sophia
They started with water games.
 A crazy game called Hungry Hippo.
Mrs, McMahon and Rachel
And for fun, a few pictures of past field days......

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