Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Snowy Days

This morning we woke up to a rainy-snowy kind of day. Both of the girls were hoping for school
to be cancelled, but that didn't happen.
We had two days off from school last week because of freezing rain.
Rebecca went outside to collect icicles :)
The ice was hard on a lot of the trees and a couple in our back yard broke, but when
the sun came out all the iced over trees looked so pretty.
We knew the ice was coming so I had a few projects to help keep
us busy. Rebecca and I made paper dolls and we all worked on
a big puzzle.
The ice storm caused major power outages all around Georgia.
We lost power for a couple of hours on Monday night.
So we lit every candle we had and turned on our camping
lanterns. Thankfully, right when we went to bed, the electricity came
back on!
And way back in January we had a fun snow day. We took the girls for the day to
Stone Mountain to play at Snow Mountain.
It was a last minute decision, so our sledding time on the big mountain was at six
at night. We went early afternoon and saw a few of the Christmas shows and then played
in the snow until it was time to go sledding.
Rebecca spent quite a bit of time in the little kids section. She got in a few practice runs on
the smaller sledding ramp before we moved to the big mountain.
Night sledding was a lot of fun.
Rebecca was excited and nervous about sledding on the big mountain because she was tall
enough to go all by herself. She was brave, did great and loved it!!
At the bottom watching for Daddy and Rachel.
We like the snow for a day or two, but I think we have had our fair share for this
winter and I am praying for sunnier and warmer days ahead.

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