Sunday, November 2, 2014

Happy Halloween 2014

Monday after school, we carved our pumpkins. The girls were much more
interested and helpful in the process this year.
We were talking and decided that Halloween always needs to be on a Friday night- makes it a lot more fun. The girls were excited all day to get ready for trick-or-treating.
                                                               Rachel was a Spanish dancer.
This is the group we started with- Elsa, Daniella, Rachel, Hillary and Rebecca. By the end of the night we ended up with a different group of friends, but it all worked out. We saw A LOT of little girls dressed up like Elsa from Frozen.
 The big scary house in the neighborhood.
 This year the girls checked the decorations a lot more closely.
    Lola in her costume.
      Sorting and counting and eating ;)
          Happy Halloween from ladybug girl !!!

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