Friday, August 22, 2014

Photos from my Phone Friday

We are into the third week of school and trying to figure out our schedule. It is still strange to me to have both of the girls away at school all day. The house is so quiet......

The girls are back at AWANA this year. They had a carnival and Rachel won a gold fish . We kept the fish overnight, and then went to live with other fish friends at our neighbor's house.
                                                    Relaxing after a hard day at school.
This pretty sunflower sprouted up in a pot. Love sunflowers.
Last week I was "on call" for jury duty, but never had to go!!
Spent an afternoon with our friends at their pool.
These girls are something else.
At the library and she wanted her picture.
AWANA game time fun. Looked fun and super dangerous.
Rachel and Daniella bonding at the bus stop.
Love this.
Found it on Instagram #Hellohappyplace

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