Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Back to the Books

                                                           Today is the first day of school!!

The girls were up bright and early and were ready to go. I snapped a few pictures and we had a devotion from the book  Jesus Calling -- we use the kids version and I love it. Said a prayer and off to the bus stop!
                                                                    5th grader!!!
Rebecca said she was ready and seemed calm, cool and collected to me. I am grateful Rachel will be at school to help her find the right classroom today. Still can't believe Rebecca is in school.
Daniella, Rachel and Rebecca
                                    At the bus stop waiting patiently for the bus to appear.
                                                           And they were off ........ and I didn't cry :)
" Great lessons are coming this year.They are never alone. They have Jesus in them and are going to light up some hearts.God has these cuties and school is a wonderful thing filled with loving teachers."
from the Courtney DeFeo Blog

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