Saturday, April 5, 2014


We are officially on Spring Break and I am so grateful for a few days off from our crazy schedule.

The girls have had some events this past week, so thought I would share about them before the time gets away from me.

The children's choir that Rachel sings in had their spring show last Sunday.
It was called " I AM".
The kids did a great job singing and the Rachel loved this part with the glow-in-the- dark sticks.
Rebecca's spring concert for preschool was this past Wednesday.
The past two years, she had missed it because she was sick.
On Wednesday she was coughing and had little runny nose, but I sent her to school anyways.
It is her last year of preschool and I wanted her to make it to at least one of the concerts.
They did great and I love watching all the kids.
Rachel was home from school with an upset stomach, so she came a long and Rebecca was so excited to have her sister there. ( doesn't she look excited)
After the singing we went to Rebecca's school room and had a little party.
The teacher made the cutest little plates with each child's handprint.
Checking her hearing.
Friday morning, Rebecca had her five year checkup.
Rebecca passed all the tests and came in average height and above average
for her weight ( takes after her mom :)
She did not care for the lovely paper gown.
We got all the paperwork needed for Kindergarten registration in a few weeks!!
Rebecca and I have been working on making this rainbow pillow.
Her friend, Reynolds, gave it to her for her birthday and she was thrilled to have it finished.

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