Monday, February 17, 2014

Wintery Mix 2014 and Other Stuff

So last Monday, the weatherman forecasted another winter storm was heading our way. They were calling it a "wintery mix" of first freezing rain and then snow. The girls had school on Monday and I went to Costco, Target and the grocery store to stock up and get some last minute Valentine's Day supplies.

                Tuesday afternoon and Wednesday, it was looking like this---ice on everything.
Wednesday night it finally gave us some decent snow and we went outside to play for awhile.
We walked up to Danielle's house and the girls played together.
We came home and spent a couple of hours building a snow fort.
The sun was out and the snow was melting fast.
Rebecca loved the snow.
School was cancelled all week and I tried my best to keep the girls busy.
Rebecca was supposed to bring in an object for show- and -tell and be line leader.
She was a little upset to miss out on her day.
Her African violet she planned to take to school for letter V day.
We worked on Valentines for our friends and made sugar cookies.
We played a lot of games, watched several movies and ate way
too much popcorn and candy.
My little Valentines!
The girls opened gifts from us and Nana and Papa.
Raphael went back to work, but school was still cancelled.
I took the girls out to pizza for lunch because we really needed to get
out of the house for a while.
Seems crazy to me,  but it was warm enough on Friday afternoon for Rachel to
go for her weekly tennis lesson.
We had a busy weekend and Rachel was back to school today!
We are praying for no more snow!!

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