Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Photo A Day-May

There is a blog I read sometimes called Fat Mum Slim. It is written by a lady who lives in Australia, she loves to take pictures and started an idea to take a "picture a day". Each month she posts a list of what to take a picture of on each day of the month. I tried in March and April,but I wasn't able to follow through with it. In May I remembered to take a picture almost every day.

Here are some of the pictures I took in May---
                          #1Broken- the clock in our office. #2 Starts with "F"-fishing pole
                         #3 Mailbox- shadow of our box  #4 Shape- shape sign at the park
#5 Snack- milkshake snack at Sonic for last day of school #6 Smile- Rebecca at soccer
#7 Mother- me and the girls on Mothers Day  #8 Sunset- took while driving one night
                                          #9 My view-a foggy morning  #10 Light-signal light
                                 #11 I care about this- me and the girls #12 Change- money on the counter
#13 Pjs- Becca in the morning  #14 Go-sign at the convenience store
#15 Us- me and Raphael at bowling alley  #16 Something on Sunday-sunrise on Sunday at the park
I like the idea and plan to try again for June.

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