Thursday, March 28, 2013

Photos from my Phone Friday

We haven't been up to anything too exciting the past week. A few pictures I managed to take of what has been going on around here.
Today at preschool, they celebrated Rebecca's birthday. I baked cookies for her to share with the class and her teachers made this cute hat for her. She was very proud of her hat and wore it for most of the afternoon.  Her teachers made the cutest little Easter treat for the kids-- Cheetos in a sandwich bag and tied with a green ribbon to look like a carrot.

Michael and Rachel
On Saturday we met up with friends to go bowling. It was a fun night out and somehow I managed to win the first game!
Me and the birthday girl.
Rebecca and I started these three leaf clovers from seed and it has been interesting to see them grow and change the past couple of weeks.
I went for pedicures and dinner out with some of my friends. We always go to the same pedicure place and they have a small shrine set up right next to the counter. I am not sure what religion they are,but the shrine has always been there. I think it is interesting to see what food or drink they have offered to the buddha man. Usually it is some type of fruit, but the other night it was a cup of coffee?
Rebecca has been playing and building with her TinkerToys a lot lately. She and I made this butterfly the other day and she was quite proud of her creation.
We are looking forward to the weekend!

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