Friday, March 8, 2013

Photos from my Phone Friday

This week has flown by! And I am happy about that. The past few weeks have felt really loooong and I am happy to see that March has arrived and hopefully warm and sunshiny days- I am over winter :)

Anyways, we had an uneventful week, just busy with church, school and appointments. I have been using my phone's camera quite a bit lately and snapped a few pictures of what we have been up to.

My friend Michelle made this for my birthday. I thought it was the nicest gift.
It has been rainy and cold here a lot lately, so we have been stuck inside. I told the girls to build a fort( or a "fork" as Rebecca would call it ) and they played in there for a long time.
     Rachel likes to play Wii and is pretty good. And sometimes she lets Rebecca play a game or two.
                 Rebecca was home from school with a stomach bug and was having a crazy hair day!
Our new neighbors moved in last week! After six and half years, our street is complete with houses and people living in them. Raphael met them and said they seem very nice.
    The blurriest picture ever. After kids choir last Sunday we went out for frozen yogurt with friends.
Rachel had a few half days of school because of parent-teacher conferences, so we spent one afternoon at Chuck E Cheese.
I remember back in high school buying grape and orange flavored bubble gum at the KwikWay. I loved that gum and the other day at Kroger I spotted this grape gum and tried it out. I am a bit obessed with it right now and went back to buy two more packages. Wish they made orange too!
Rebecca's class celebrated Dr.Seuss week and made these cute hats. She was more excited about her popcorn snack than the hat. The girl is serious about her food!
It was pajama night at AWANA and Rachel came up with this lovely outfit. Rebecca was looking cute too, but didn't want her picture made.

                   Signs of spring are popping up around town. The daffodils in our yard look so pretty.

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