Monday, February 25, 2013

Happy Birthday to Me

                   Yesterday was my birthday. I turned forty and I still can't quite believe it.
We celebrated Saturday night with a few of our friends. Nothing fancy, just pizza and cake with ice cream. It was a nice night and I had great time. Sadly, we didn't take too many pictures.
          Everyone singing and I had many candles to try and blow out. Rachel helped me with that.

On Sunday, we had a regular day- church and I took the girls to play at the park because it was a sunny day. Then to kids choir and home for bath time and bed. I had calls from friends and family to wish me a happy birthday and received many nices gifts.
Me and the girls before church.
                   Another birthday come and gone.
            My thirties were full of changes and blessings.
 I am looking forward to my forties and I am praying they are kind to me.

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