Thursday, December 13, 2012

Holiday Hoopla

                   Another busy week here at our house with various Christmas activities.

 Today was Rebecca's Christmas program at preschool. All the kids sang and then we went to the classroom for a little party.
Our little singer. Doesn't she looked thrilled? I was nervous when I saw she was in the front row,  because Rebecca likes to hold up her dress sometimes, but she was well behaved. And she was loving her new red shoes that I bought for her last week.
The preschool parties are fun, but they wear me out. Soooo many people in a tiny little room and lots of noise and chaos. I don't know how her teachers do it everyday. After the party, I tried to get her picture  by the tree and this was the best shot.

                                   We came home and played and both took a little cat nap!
We went to my MOMS Club kids Christmas party this afternoon and it was lots of fun. The girls are loving all the parties and fun. Last week, I went to Christmas lunch with Rachel at school.

Other news around here- Jack our Elf on the Shelf has come back for another visit. Rebecca is much more aware of him this year and usually in the afternoon she finds him and goes to say hello.

Rachel received a letter from Santa in the mail a couple of days ago. I am pretty sure that it is from our mail lady. She was soooo excited and read a couple of times. Rebecca got jealous, so I had to make a letter for her too!

I still have lots to do before Christmas and hoping it all get done somehow. Tomorrow Rebecca are meeting friends for lunch and playtime. Looking forward to the weekend!

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