Friday, September 14, 2012

So Random

Not a whole lot is going on around here, so a few random photos from our week.

On Monday we went to school and had lunch with Rachel. Rebecca was so happy to go and check out all the kids and see her sister.
Every morning in the carpool line for preschool, I see this- little kids sticking their heads out of the sun roof. It makes me nervous. Rebecca noticed and told me that is naughty to do.
Rebecca was begging me to go the the park this morning, so we went for awhile and she wanted to swing. And swing and swing. I noticed she was pretty relaxed and I think for a minute or two she took a little cat nap. Rocking motion will put me to sleep pretty quick too.

After the park we went to Lowes for some plants and they had a bunch of little Georgia bulldogs all lined up. The South LOVES college football. I think Rebecca had to pet each little dog at least once.

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