Monday, September 3, 2012

Labor Day Weekend 2012

We had a nice long weekend and we started it off by taking Rachel and her friend to Six Flags Amusement Park. The girls have been wanting to go all summer and we finally managed to take them.

Raphael took the big girls and I had Rebecca for the day. Rebecca and I mostly stayed in the little kids area that has a Looney Tunes theme. Rebecca was very brave and went on the rides all by herself and no tears.

                                          Daniella and Rachel-two little peas in the same pod!

                     Rebecca and I rode the sky buckets across the park and checked out the view.

                                           Rachel went on this rollercoaster all by herself.
              We were walking through the park and a teenager gave this pencil toy to Rebecca.
                                                     Fun day at the park!

Sunday we went to church.  I love the outfit Rebecca was wearing and I tried to get a few pictures of her after church.

Rebecca has been fascinated by the Lite Brite and it is keeping her occupied.
Today, we took the girls to see a movie and then a few errands.
I can't believe our summer is over!

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