Thursday, July 12, 2012

Won't You be my Neighbor?

After six years of living in our house we finally have neighbors! When we moved to Georgia, they were still building houses in our subdivision. And then the economy went bad and all the construction stopped.
This shows a little of what was next to us- tress and weeds :) And snakes,spiders,bees,and garbage. It was lovely. A couple of feet from our driveway there was a good ten foot drop- Rachel took a nasty fall down there when she was learning to ride her bike.
Around Thanksgiving, bulldozers showed up and started moving trees and dirt on several empty lots on our street. We were so excited to see them finally building again!
It was kind of cool to watch them build the house. Also,very annoying at times with all the trucks and equipment making noise and crowding up our cul-de-sac.

The house sold in the spring and we have been wondering who our new neighbors would be? Rachel was hoping for a family with kids. Raphael and I just wanted nice and normal people. This past week, a moving truck showed up and the new neighbors started moving in!
Raphael met the neighbors this past weekend. We plan to take over some cookies and introduce ourselves this weekend. So happy to finally have neighbors!

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