Monday, June 18, 2012

My Sister, A Party and Father's Day

We had a busy and fun weekend. My sister, Amy, flew to Georgia to spend a few days with us. Friday we did a little shopping and went out for lunch at P.F. Changs. Saturday we went swimming at Lake Lanier and then that evening we went to our neighbors for a party.
                                                             My sister Amy and me.
                                   Daniella and Rachel had a lot of fun playing in the hammock
                                                           Best friends!
There was a lot of salsa dancing at the party. Everyone had a great time dancing and socializing.
                           Amy learning how to salsa dance.
                                                    Rebecca was dancing too!

Sunday we celebrated Father's Day. We went to church and in Rachel's Sunday school class they drew pictures of why their Dad is the best.
This picture ended up winning Raphael a $100 gift card from the church! We were so excited when they announced that Raphael was a winner. I took a picture of Raphael up on stage getting his gift.
                After church we had lunch, opened up gifts and went to the pool for  awhile.
      Raphael and his girls. They love their Daddy! And I couldn't ask for a better father for the girls.
                                                                        Amy and I.
                                               We have the best Dad ever! Love you Dad!

And that about sums up the past few days. We loved having my sister visit and hope she will be back soon.

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