Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Growing Up

We have been busy around here with end of school activities and beginning of summer that I am a little behind on blogging about Rebecca's big news.

First, on Mother's Day we moved her into a toddler bed! The crib we have for her changes from crib, to toddler bed and then to a full bed.  I think Rebecca would have stayed in her crib until she was four. She only climbed out once and it was more of a fall then actually trying to climb out. Rebecca loved hanging out in her crib and would ask me to put her in so that she could play. I was nervous to see how she would do.
                                                       Her last night in a crib.
          I told her it was her last night, but not sure if she really understood what I was telling her.

Showing off her big girl bed. She has done pretty well with the change and seems happy with it all.

Then the next week, I finally started her with potty training. We tried over Christmas break and she could have cared less. I had about a week in half to get her going before Rachel was home from school.
We started the morning by throwing away all the diapers and I showed her all the treats I had for her if she would go to the bathroom in her little potty.  The first few days were loooong and we didn't leave the house. About every ten minutes I took her in the bathroom to try. She caught on pretty quickly and by the end of the week, she was telling us that she needed to use the bathroom.
I brought out lots of Rachel's toys-like this dollhouse, for her to play with. I didn't want her getting to bored being home all day. She loved playing with all of the toys that Rachel never lets her even look at.

It has been a few weeks now and things are going really well.  For the most part, she has it all down. I just need her to go all by herself. She likes to have company in the bathroom :) 

Our baby is growing up!
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