Sunday, June 3, 2012


Last night we had a bunch of our friends and neighbors over for party. Raphael grilled hamburgers and hot dogs. The kids all ran around and played. It was a great evening and lots of fun. A few pictures of the get-together.
We rented a bounce house for the day, so the kids could jump around and burn up all the energy. I got in and jumped with the girls for awhile. It is fun, but my legs got tired fast. Don't know how the kids can jump for so long.

                                 The girls- Daniella, Rachel, Devi and Priya.
We got a pinata for the kids. Rebecca was first up and she did pretty good. She really enjoyed herself.

Many of our friends who came speak Spanish as their first language, so there was lots of Spanish conversations and of course salsa music and dancing.

                                        Rebecca and Gabby dancing salsa.
                                     Raphael, Naomi, Delrika and Melanie
Playing some dominoes.
Seelay, Geraldine and Patria- all our neighbors.
Some more dancing. I even danced a song with Raphael and I am not a dancer.
  And we ended the party with some Smores. One of the kids told me " this is the funnest Spanish party that I have ever been too!" So cute and made me laugh.
                                                  Daniella, Gigi and Melanie.
  I didn't get everyones picture, but we had a wonderful night with friends and hope for more parties this summer.

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