Sunday, May 27, 2012

Summer at Stone Mountain

On Friday afternoon our niece, Ivy, came to stay with us for a few weeks. The girls were SO excited for Ivy to arrive. Rebecca asked me about hundred times if Ivy was here yet.  Rebecca has been holding Ivy's hand every chance she gets- it is very sweet and Ivy is very patient with Rebecca :)

Saturday afternoon we took a trip to Stone Mountain. It was the hottest day of summer so far, a nice ninety three degrees. We spent  most of our time at an attraction called Sky Hike. It is thirty feet high and each person is in a harness and attached to a rope. You walk along going through obstacles and over highwires. Thankfully, Rebecca is too young, so she and I played in the childrens section.

                                           Ivy is in the pink shorts and black shirt.

Rachel did pretty good. She made it through the second level and then decided to come back down.

While the big kids were on Sky Hike, Rebecca was in the childrens part and doing her own obstacle course.

She loved it. We went through the whole course about twenty times. Then we went to an area with a creek and she played in the water and cooled off.

We also took the gondola up to the top of Stone Mountain to enjoy the view. I wasn't listening too carefully, but I think the mountain is the largest granite out-cropping in the USA.

                    Carving on the mountain- Robert E. lee and some other guys.

                                                                      The view.

It was a fun day, long day, but fun.

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