Monday, May 21, 2012

Party at the Painted Penguin

We celebrated Rachel's birthday this weekend.  I decided to have her party before school gets out so that more of her friends could make it before they were busy with summer vacations.
 At the party the girls picked out a ceramic statue and then started painting. Everyone seemed to have a good time and I was happy to not have the pressure and mess of a party at home.
Rachel picked out a cat to paint. Rebecca and Raphael both painted too. Rebecca did really well and was taking the painting seriously.

Silly girl! After painting, each girl used a hair dryer for her statue to help the drying process along.
                                                    Singing "Happy birthday" time.

                   Best Friends Forever! Daniella and Rachel- these girls are attached at the hip!

                                                           Rebecca, Gigi and Gabby.

Rachel had a great time with her friends. I can't believe she will be eight years old in a few weeks!
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