Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Country Fair

                          Sunday after church we spent the afternoon at a little country fair.

We did the "divide and conquer" method with the girls. I took Rebecca and Raphael had Rachel and Ivy. There weren't too many little kids rides, but Rebecca rode them all at least once and some several times. Her first ride was the big ferris wheel!
                             A picture of Ivy and Rachel from the top of the ferris wheel.
Rachel and Ivy went on lots of rides together. Raphael and I can't handle all the spinning and turning.
                                        The girls both took a ride on the fun slide.

Rebecca tried a fishing game and won a Dora balloon! She was excited and proud of her fishing skills. 
And we had to have snowcones, corndogs and lemonade too. It was a fun day at the fair.
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