Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter 2012

We have had a wonderful Easter weekend.

 Yesterday, we dyed Easter eggs. This year I decided to let Rebecca join in the fun and help.  She did great and loved it.  I saw an idea on another blog to use Kool-Aid to color the eggs instead of the tablets with vinegar. It worked great and smelled nice too.

This morning we had Easter baskets for the girls and they looked for Easter eggs. Rebecca was really into it this year. She went through her baskets and examined each item and told us all about what she had.
Bunny ears!

We went to an amazing service at church and then home for Easter lunch. We had another beautiful day, so we ate outside and enjoyed the day while the girls ran around playing.

                                                                 Our little bumblebee!

              I tried getting a picture of the girls, but Rebecca wasn't too interested in pictures.

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