Sunday, March 4, 2012


Rachel goes to AWANA at a nearby church each Wednesday and loves it. She has made lots of friends, has had wonderful teachers and has learned many Bible verses.  Each week at AWANA they have a game time and play all sorts of crazy team games. 

In January, Rachel was asked to be on a team representing the second grade at an AWANA competion that involves several local churches.  Her team practiced all of February and this past Saturday was the big Spark-A-Rama. 

                                  Rachel and  her team waiting for the games to begin.

                         It made me laugh to see these boys all on their DS playing games.

      The church had two AWANA teams and both of them won first place! Rachel was so happy and very proud of herself and team mates.  After the games we went out to dinner to celebrate the big win.

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