Saturday, February 18, 2012

Number 23

                              Rachel with her teammate--the FireCrackers-- and coach.
A few months ago, Rachel decided that she wanted to play basketball, so I signed her up to play at a nearby church.  Rachel's only experience with basketball has been in P.E. class at school and I wasn't too sure how she would do.  She was the shortest and least experienced on her team. But she had fun and guess that is what matters.

When the coach handed out the uniforms and I saw that Rachel had number twenty three, I was hoping some of the "Michael Jordan magic" would rub off on her, but no such luck. Rachel didn't know who Michael was, so we looked at some videos on YouTube and hoped it would insprie her.

Rachel's favorite part of the game, talking with the other girls on the bench. She is a social butterfly!

      Last Saturday, they had their last official game and then a little party with trophies.

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