Saturday, February 25, 2012

39 and Holding

Yesterday we celebrated my birthday. I turned 39 and still can't quite believe this is my last year of being in my thirties.  I can remember being eighteen and just wanting to be twenty one-- the time does go by really fast!
Raphael brought home two of the cutest little cakes ever. We had chocolate and carrot cake, which is one of my favorites. Rebecca put the candles on the cake and "helped" me blow them out too.  She kept telling me it was her birthday.
I decided for my birthday that I wanted to go out for dinner, so tonight we went to a fun Italian restaurant called Bucas.  I went to one in Minnesota last spring and have been wanting to take Raphael there ever since.  The food in really good and the restaurant decor is unique. All sorts of lights and pictures of Italy, anything Catholic, pasta, etc....very entertaining!

Going out to dinner with a two year old is a challenge and we don't go out very often with the girls. Rebecca started having a little melt down right when dinner arrived. I had the Kindle in my purse and we let her play with it while we ate. Thank goodness for technology!

I had a wonderful birthday. Lost of calls, emails and cards from friends and family and some wonderful gifts too.  My thirties have been good to me and I am looking forward to what my 39th year will bring for me and my family.  

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