Monday, January 9, 2012

Random Pictures

The girls are back to school and all the Christmas has been packed away for another year. I had a ton of pictures in the camera that I needed to transfer to the computer and thought I would post a few to show what we have been up to lately.

I made the girls these aprons and they turned out pretty cute. I bought plain aprons at Hobby Lobby and used an iron transfer design to decorate the front.

                Rebecca loves Angry Birds and  to wear a Band-Aid. I told her Band-Aids don't usually go on your forehead, but she didn't care. God bless her. And me.

We made snowman pictures with mini marshmallows. Rebecca ate her weight in marshmallows.

We made a visit to the children's museum in Atlanta. They had a "fairy tale theme " and all sorts of different displays and exhibits. The girls in Cinderella's pumpkin coach.

Flying a kite.

                                                                        Magic rocks.

Last Friday Rachel got an award for honor roll and for best science student in second grade.
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  1. Oh, Angry Birds. Who could have known something so silly would be such a big hit? My boys love it. The band aid on the forehead cracks me up. Looks like you all are keeping busy.