Monday, January 16, 2012

Catch Air

Today the girls were out of school for MLK Jr. Day, so we went to a new indoor playground place called Catch Air with my MOMS club. I knew it would be busy with kids out of school and there were hundreds of kids there. It was a bit crazy at times,  but the girls had fun and burned up a lot of energy. I would like to go back on a less busy day- I think Rebecca would have more fun.

 Rachel on a merry-go-round type of ride. You hop on and sit on top of the ball and it swings you all around. I saw some little kids take major falls and get hit trying to hop on by themselves. Rebecca tried it and didn't like it, but Rachel seemed to like it.

      Three story fun house with slides and ball pit and tunnels. The girls spent most of their time in there.

Meghan, Becca and Rachel on a huge inflatable rocking horse kind of ride. I had never seen something like this before and looked fun.

the girls loved these big cups that wobble and move around.

Riding on the elephant scooters.

  Rebecca on carousel for little ones. Love her rosy cheeks! They played so hard and it was really warm inside with all the people. Rebecca did a good job at keeping up with her big sister and friends. I am thankful she is old enough to play and get to enjoy fun places with Rachel.

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