Tuesday, December 6, 2011

School Lunch and Tickets

Today I was at Rachel's school for Christmas lunch and we had a nice time.  We sat with her friend Daniella and the girls talked non-stop! I love watching Rachel talk with her friends and teachers.

After lunch I did some errands and then went to pick Rebecca up from preschool.  Rebecca is having quite a few "terrible two's" moments lately and some days I can't wait for bedtime! Today she cried a lot and was in time out several times. 

For quite awhile Rebecca has been obsessed with little pieces of paper, business cards, chuck E cheese game tickets, etc... She calls them "tickets" or "orders"-- I think she knows about tickets from seeing Dora going to the fair and winning yellow tickets for a prize.  This past weekend, I was getting out Christmas decorations under the stairs and looked in a box full of stuff and found this....

A HUGE roll of tickets! I couldn't believe it and had to show Raphael right away! I knew Rebecca would be so excited and she was. I think we have enough tickets to last a lifetime.

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