Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Prep and Landing

We went to a fun Christmas party this afternoon.  My friends Naomi and Jennifer put together a party for the kids based on the Christmas movie "Prep and Landing"- which is about elves that go ahead of Santa and get each house ready for his arrival.  The movies are really cute and Rachel has seen them quite a few times.

All the kids wore their pajamas and we started the party by watching the movie and having a popcorn snack.

After the movie each child got their own little elf hat. The hats are adorable and my friends did a fantastic job making them.
                                               Rebecca, Sarah, Rachel, Gigi and Emily

We had dinner and the kids could make an ornament or a jingle bell necklace.  Then Santa came to visit! So we all went upstairs and Santa handed out gifts to everyone.
                                                             Naomi, Sarah and Maria

                                                             Party craziness!!!

                                       My friend also made the cutest elf cookies!
                                      Some of the ladies hanging out and talking.

It was a great party! My friends did such a wonderful job organizing it all and my girls had a lot of fun.

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