Saturday, December 24, 2011

Our Elf

We have had Jack, our favorite little Elf on the Shelf,  visiting us this month.  I think this is our fifth year with Jack and I still struggle with thinking of new and original places to move him each night. This year I borrowed some ideas from Pinterest and had Jack move around the house a bit more.
                    Jack was hungry for a snack and got into the marshmellows in the pantry.

                      One night he took a bubble bath and we found him wrapped up in a towel.

Doing some Christmas reading.

Playing dominos with the ladies.

Rachel has finally figured out that I move Jack each night, but she is still "believing" in Santa this year. Rebecca has noticed Jack this year. She usually notices him some time in the afternoon and runs to find me and show me where Jack is for the day.

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