Saturday, December 3, 2011

The Nutcracker Ballet

Last night Rachel and I had a girl's night out and went to see the Nutcracker Ballet. One of my friend's has a daughter in Girls Scouts and was able to get a bunch of us discounted tickets.  It was Rachel's first time to the ballet and I think she enjoyed it.  I should have reviewed the story with her first, because it is kind of confusing at times to understand what is going on.

                                                           Before we left for the show.

                                       Some of the girls before the show started. There were about four of us moms trying to take pictures at the same time, so the kids weren't sure which camera to look at!

Rachel picked our seats, which were towards the back of the theater. Her good friend Gigi came with her family so the girls sat together.

Taking  pictures was tricky with the lighting and distance from the stage, so not the best photos ever.

After the show some the the cast members were in the lobby to talk and have pictures made.  The dancers were so sweet and very friendly.

                                       It was a fun night out and I am glad we were able to go.

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