Sunday, November 13, 2011

A Car Race and a Birthday Party

We had another busy weekend. We started on Saturday morning with a car race. Rachel decided to participate in the model car Grand Prix race that her AWANA group does each year.  This was our first year and I think it went pretty well.

This was Rachel's car after it was cut out and getting ready to paint it red. She wanted a car like Lighting McQueen from the movie Cars.

              Rachel and her car on the race track. She was able to test it out before the big race started.

There were about fifty cars and lots of makes and models. We loved the Perry the Platypus car.

Getting ready to race. She didn't win any trophies, but won a few rounds and went home with a ribbon. I think she liked it and may try it again next year.

Saturday night, Raphael and I went out to dinner at Ted's Montana Grill and then to a movie. I didn't think to get any pictures, but we had a nice night out on the town.

This afternoon I took Rebecca to a birthday party for Katie. The girls are in playgroup together and the party was at jumpy place. Rebecca managed to get trapped inside a few of the bigger jumpies and I had to climb in a pull her out.

The alligator jumpy scared her at first, but she got over it and had fun with her friends.

The birthday girl and her mom- Meredith.

It was a good weekend and we are looking forward to the week- Rachel starts basketball, my parents are coming for a visit and Thanksgiving Feast at Rebecca's preschool(that I am in charge of organizing-heaven help me!).
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