Sunday, July 10, 2011

Just the Girls

Raphael flew to California on Thursday to see his parents and Aunt Ivy.  So for the past few days it has been just us girls.  We have been having fun staying at home and playing, errands, the pool and sprinkler park.

Rebecca skyping with Raphael

It's been really hot and humid this week so we have been trying to keep cool.  On Saturday, I was feeling brave and took both of the girls swimming.  They had fun, but  I was a nervous wreck the entire time, so we didn't stay long.

Sunday afternoon we went to the sprinkler park.

I took this picture of Rachel because she is wearing shorts! She hasn't worn shorts in years, so I thought I should document the event.

We made a trip to Costco and Rachel wanted to ride in the buggy. She barely fit!

We also roasted some marshmellows and caught the smallest little lizard. He was so cute.

We are looking forward to Raphael getting home and we have busy week ahead.

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