Thursday, June 2, 2011

Rachel's 7th Bday

Yesterday was Rachel's 7th birthday! I still can't believe that she is seven years old already. The time is going by way too fast.

Rachel opened her gifts and then we went to a quick meeting that I needed to go to.  I had a babysitter for Rebecca so that Rachel and I could spend some time together.  Rachel wanted to go out to eat at a restaurant- so we went to The Olive Garden. And she ordered chicken strips & fries.

After lunch Rachel wanted to go to our neighborhood pool. It has been in the high nineties this week, so the pool was really busy, but we had fun and spent a few hours swimming.

We had pizza for dinner and then cake and ice cream. Then we played a game that I bought for her birthday.
We play alot of games in the evening and I thought this one looked  fun and quick-my favorite kind of game.

The game is Headbandz- you put the stylish band on and then put a card in the slot(without looking at it) and ask questions and try to figure out what is on your card. Rachel loved it and of course Rebecca wanted to play too.

Rachel and I looked at pictures of the day she was born. I told her about that day and we talked about how big she is getting and growing into a little lady.

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