Sunday, June 12, 2011


Yesterday was Rachel's 7th birthday party. We went with a tropical/luau theme- mostly because I already had alot of the decorations and I thought it would be cute.  Rachel and nine of her bestest friends had two hours of fun.

Each girl had a grass skirt, flower lei and flower hair clip. We started off by decorating flip flops with ribbons.

 The girls all working on the flip flops and Rachel with Valeria.

Then it was time for some games- pin the monkey on the palm tree, limbo, and a hula hoop contest.

Rachel, Emily, Catie, Devi and Keely

Then time for lunch and cupcakes. I looked up the girls' names in Hawaiian and put them on a flower for each girl.

After lunch we had a pinata and made a sand art project. I was nervous about the sand getting everywhere, but the girls did great.

I had  Angela, who we know from church, come and help with the party/Rebecca. I don't think I would have survived the party without her!

And the only picture I remembered to get of all the girls-Emily, Eliza, Keeely, Sydney, Catie, Samantha, Devi, Rachel, Priya, and Valeria.

It was a great birthday party!
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