Monday, April 18, 2011

Weekend Update

I can't believe how fast our weekend went by! We had lots going on--Rockfest at Rachel's school, Flashlight Easter egg hunt, friends over for dinner and other busyness.

Rachel and I went to her school's Rockfest again this year. Just like last year, we didn't make a rocket, but had lots of fun watching. I almost got hit by one-some of the rockets go crazy! We were leaving and ran into her science teacher-Mr.Young- he organizes the event. He told Rachel she could borrow one of his rockets if she wanted to try launching one. So she gave it a try.

I won't even pretend to understand the science behind the rockets, but you have to fill them up with water first. Then get your eye protection on and head to the launch pad.

 Pump with air and then pull the pin.

Her rocket did pretty good. Maybe next year we will get our act together in time and actually try and make a rocket.

Later that night we went to our neighbors for an Easter egg hunt at night. Last year, I stayed home with Rebecca, so it was fun to watch the kids. The party started while it was still light out and there was a bounce house. Rebecca had the time of her life jumping. We had to bribe her with candy and pull her out!

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