Saturday, January 8, 2011

What We Have Been Up To...

I haven't been very good at blogging this past week. I think all the hustle & bustle of Christmas and New Years finally caught up with me. I have been trying to get the girls back on some sort of a schedule and getting the house back to its orginal pre-Christmas look. 

Last week I took the girls to a jumpy place-Monkey Joes. They had fun and burned off some energy.  Rebecca thinks she is a big girl and tried her best to climb on the biggest jumpies with her sister.

I gave her pigtails- I thought she looked so cute!

Rachel and her friend Sydney

Somebody ( I won't name any names) got into the neighbors garbage and was really stinky.
So I gave her a bath and now she is back to her sweet self.


On Friday I went to Rachel's school for an award ceremony. She received the principal's award for getting all Excellents!! So proud of our Rachel!

Rachel with Mrs. Torbush the principal.


 This afternoon I made a Costo-Co run. The place was crazy- not a buggy to be found! They are forecasting about six inches of snow for Atlanta on Sunday night, so everyone in Georgia was out stocking up on supplies.  Rachel is hoping for lots of snow, but I am praying for none.

And that was our exciting week!


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