Thursday, December 9, 2010

'Tis the Season

I got the design for this and several other signs from

'Tis the Season for Christmas parties!  Tonight the girls and I went to my MOMS Club Kid's party.
 There was lots of good food,arts & crafts, games and many friends to play with!

There were alot of kids there and it was a bit crazy at times. I think Rebecca was overwhelmed with it all. She spent alot of time in my arms taking it all in.

Gigi and Rachel making ornaments.

My friend, Michelle, planned a game for the kids- "pin the star on the tree" and it was a big hit with the kids!
Rachel went through the line several times and got lots of candy.

I was on the "decorating" committee for the party and I made several dozens of these cute little candycane reindeers.  I got the idea/pattern from Martha Stewart- thanks Martha!  I had a great time chatting with my MOMS club friends and I am looking forward to more parties in the next few weeks.

Rebecca "talking" on her phone (which is her hand). She makes me smile!

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  1. Ahh! Just found your blog Jennifer and I love it! I love your photos too. You have a great eye! I'll be reading this often. :-)