Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas 2010

We had had a wonderful Christmas with the girls this year.  We went to Christmas Eve service at church, then home for pictures and dinner. 
Christmas Eve

We open our gifts on Christmas morning, but Rachel pleaded with me to be able to open one gift on Christmas Eve and I gave in. It was fun to watch Rebecca opening her gifts- she kept looking at Rachel to see what to do. She still doesn't quite understand it all, but had a fun time anyways!

Rebecca woke up early on Christmas morning, so I made her breakfast and we waited for Rachel to wake up and then the present opening began!

Rachel also found the pickle hidden in the tree.

The girls got tons of presents this year- thanks to the grandparents!
We took it easy all day- the girls played and I looked through my new cookbooks.
I tried my best to get a decent picture of both of the girls together- no luck! It is SO hard to take a picture of an almost two year old-ha!

Rebecca got JoJo the rabbit- she "plays" hide-and-seek with you.  Rebecca takes the carrot and hides. Then JoJo counts to ten and starts moving around looking for the carrot. It is pretty cute and so far has worked really well.  Rebecca has a hard time hiding and sitting still, but Rachel LOVES it.

Later we went to our friends house for Christmas dinner and had tons of good food. The big girls played and Rebecca kept the adults entertained.

Daddy's girl!

The husbands.

Rachel playing with Catie's DSI- she would LOVE to have one!

While we were there, it had started to snow and it was coming down pretty good by the time we headed home.  The kids were really excited.

Miss Catie

Miss Rachel

Home sweet home.

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