Monday, November 8, 2010

Georgia on my Mind

It has been forever since I listed all the random thoughts on my mind. It has been a crazy day and I feel like I should write some things down and maybe it will help me get my act together for tomorrow-ha!

We had a good weekend. Didn't do anything special, which was kind of nice. I did go to Mimi's with a bunch of friends to celebrate a 30th birthday. It was fun, but made me feel really old.The food was amazing and I ate waaaay too much.  Church was good as usual- love our church.

Rebecca is growing up way too fast. It amazes me everyday how smart a little toddler is. She is like a parrot-repeats everything we say.  I love the way she says "thank you". And today she said "lovebug" in the car and there was actually a Volkswagon Beetle car right next to us! She has eight teeth that I can see coming through. Lately, Rebecca wants to kiss anything and everything- and she makes the kissing "sound" more than she actually kisses. Too funny.

I heard a Christmas song on the radio today. Hard to believe Christmas is about seven weeks away. We are looking forward to Thanksgiving! My parents are coming to visit and we should have lots of fun.  I have many a project to accomplish before they get here and it isn't looking too good right now.

I bought these pajamas for the girls a long time ago. Bought them at separate times and different stores- yet they both have rabbit, and pink polka-dots on them.  I have been wanting to get a photo of the girls together for a long time and finally did tonight. 

Rachel and I visited the ER today- she had an asthma attack early in the morning that didn't want to go away. So I took her in and they fixed her up.  When we got to the hospital, we were the only people in the ER! So thankful we didn't have to wait and Rachel was very brave and came home feeling better. She is still wheezing and seems to get short of breath easily, so tomorrow we go to the pediatrician for a recheck. Praying tonight she sleeps well and wakes up feeling like a new six year old.

I am going to miss my MOPS meeting for the third time in a row tomorrow. I wonder if they will kick me out for poor attendance? Our house is messy and I have tons of laundry to do. I planted pansies and fall cabbages for the backyard patio, but keep forgetting to water them-probably dead by now.  We almost had to buy a new dishwasher this weekend, but Raphael managed to fix ours! Saved us some big bucks, instead we get to buy new tires for my car. Rachel traded most of her Halloween candy for money- she is now $13 dollars richer. And I now have a lot of candy to eat while I sit and watch the Biggest Loser.

I hear the little one crying, so better go!

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