Monday, October 18, 2010

The Past Few Days

We have been keeping busy around here. Just a few photos of the Tomlin girls and their activities.

Wednesday:   I made a deal with Rachel, that if she read fifteeen books on a list from her teacher, we would go to Build a Bear for a new friend.  And she read her books and we now have a cute little rabbit.

Thursday:   After school we went to the same pumpkin patch as last year.  The girls loaded up the wagon with pumpkins and ran around for awhile. It was fun to go back and have Rebecca walking and "helping" this year.

 This year and last year

Friday:  Rachel had an assembly at school to honor all the students with good report cards. Rachel was the first name to be called. We are proud of Rachel for doing well at school!

It is tough getting a good picture at the school events- the best I could do.

Saturday:  Raphael was busy running errands, so the girls and I stayed home. We I did lots of laundry, ate lots of snacks and played in the backyard.

The girls kept busy with the garden hose and making mud pies- I was planting some flowers for fall in the yard.

And we found a new friend!

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  1. Totaly cool!
    Its nice to see the Girls growing up, best to you Ralph, your wife and the girls.