Wednesday, June 30, 2010

15 Months

Our little Rebecca is fifteen months old today!  She continues to be a cutie and a charmer. She is really a "daddy's girl" She will cling to Raphael's leg or beg to be picked up by him. And she loves her big sister too.

Lately she enjoys "reading" books and will bring me a book, climb into my lap and we look at books together. She is saying- mama, dada, lola, and ball. She knows several words in sign language. It is amazing to see how fast she is growing and how much her mind knows.

We are seeing her personality more and more everyday. Usually it is sweet and cute, but there have been some tantrums!

Rebecca loves to blow kisses and wave good-bye. She had two more teeth coming in on the bottom and still loves to eat!

We love you Rebecca!
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  1. she's lucky she's not closer because I just might have to EAT her!!! She's soooo cute!!!! miss you! hope to see you again one day soon!