Monday, May 31, 2010

Weekend Fun

We had a pretty good Memorial Day weekend.  On Saturday, we did some major yard work. It took most of the day and was hard and dirty work, but now our yard looks so much better.

 On Sunday, we had tickets to go to another Atlanta Braves game. This game was in the afternoon, so we took Rachel with us. It was her first trip to see the Braves and she had a lot of fun. It also happened to be Kids Day at Turner Field, so many of the activities-batting cages, etc.. were free for kids! And we like anything free!  I think that Rachel pretty much ate her way through the afternoon, and we didn't last too long at actually sitting and watching the game. But we had a fun time together.
We had lunch at a restaurant that sits over the field so you can eat and watch the game. Rachel had to get a foam finger!

Trying to watch the game. It was a cloudy, but warm and humid day. Rachel didn't last too long.

She had a chance to try batting and throwing a baseball. She was quite proud of herself!

This is the view as you drive away from the field towards the freeway. I thought it was interesting to have the olympic rings and the state capitol in the same shot.

Then today, we wanted to go to the Memorial Day parade here in Dacula. We went for the last two years, but today it was a rainy and windy morning, so we changed our plans. The girls and I baked a cake for Rachel's birthday tomorrow! And we also worked on the basement. 

Trying to get my girls to both look at the camera!

Back tomorrow with pictures from Rachel's birthday!

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